Posted by: kellyandandy | May 31, 2011

Woolly Viking Hats

An evening of web browsing led me to a pattern for a crochet Viking Helmet and the minute I showed Andy my next craft project was decided. Apparently if I make him one he will wear it to work every day!


So pattern has been purchased and the hat is taking shape. I’m looking forward to sending him off to work in it in the very near future! Pictures will follow!

Posted by: kellyandandy | May 22, 2011

They’ve arrived!

Our Rugby World Cup tickets that is! The countdown is now on until the first game in Wellington on the 11th September (Wales v South Africa).

Posted by: kellyandandy | May 17, 2011

Sock creations

Another day at home with lurgy has resulted in another crazy sock creation! I’m not totally sure what he is, some form of technicolour zebra? Whatever he is, I like him!


Posted by: kellyandandy | May 16, 2011

Winter has arrived

We have been clinging onto summer in New Zealand, temperatures were up in the 20s even last week. This came to an abrupt end today with gales force winds, heavy downpours and the first day off work with some serious sniffles!

At least it doesn’t feel quite so rubbish being sick when the weather outside is nasty and thanks to stumbling across an interesting book I have filled my day lied up on the sofa with the creation of some softies. Sock piggies to be exact!


Posted by: kellyandandy | May 1, 2011

Go the Breakers!

Friday night was a pretty historic night in New Zealand (and not just because of the royal wedding!). The New Zealand Breakers basketball team had made it to the finals of the Australian National Basketball League, if they won they would be the first New Zealand franchise to win an Australian competition.

After two and a half rather frustrating hours on the computer on Monday Kelly managed to secure tickets and so instead of watching the royal nuptials we were at the North Shore Event Centre keeping our fingers crossed for victory.

The atmosphere was electric, the crowd were wild, the game was exciting and the result was the right one! The New Zealand Breakers were crowned champions, winning the final game 71 to 53.


Posted by: kellyandandy | April 26, 2011

Tractors, Gannets and Wine

The main purpose of our trip to Napier was to head to Cape Kidnappers and go to see the massive gannet colonies that live there. You can only get to the colony by walking for three hours or by taking a guided tour. We decided on the guided tour mainly due to the vehicle that the tour company use…tractors and trailers!

The trusty tractors

Andy enjoying all the comforts of the trailer (ie cushions!)

The trailers included all the latest safety equipment, including a hand rail to hold onto “if it gets a little bumpy!” Thankfully there were cushions too as it certainly did get a little bumpy occasionally.

The ride along the beach took about an hour and was incredibly fun and included a wet foot! At the end of the ride we took a short walk and got to see the last of the summer gannets at their colony. Apparently there are up to 8000 pairs at the five colonies during the breeding season. There were still quite a few left but I would imagine it is quite something to see when all the gannets are there.

Some of the gannets at Cape Kidnappers

A gannet close up

The birds were amazing and the landscape was spectacular. Obviously the sunny day helped but scenery like this is always going to be amazing. The cliffs were made even more dramatic because of the multiple fault lines that can be seen in them. Thankfully there were no earthquakes while we were there.

Faulty cliffs!

Cape Kidnappers

Sunday was then spent touring the many wineries of Hawkes Bay and it can safely be said that our wine sticks are looking very healthy at the moment (the same possible can’t be said about our bank balance now!). All in all it was a lovely weekend.

Posted by: kellyandandy | April 22, 2011

Beautiful Napier

As it’s the school holidays and Andy doesn’t have to be in work again until Monday we decided to take a trip to Napier. We are off to see a gannet colony at Cape Kidknappers tomorrow but tonight we are enjoy the sea air down on the beach.


Posted by: kellyandandy | January 25, 2011

Some holiday snaps

We are slowly getting back to reality and thought you might like to see some of our pictures, we will add more as we get them organised.

The Sydney skyline

Sydney looking rather nice

Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Aboriginal Rock Cavings of a Mob of Kangaroos

Aboriginal Rock Painting thought to be over 2000 years old

Posted by: kellyandandy | January 16, 2011

Driving round an island in a toy car

We have spent the day sampling island life on Magnetic Island just off the Townsville coast. It got it’s name when the compass on Captain Cooks ship went funny as they sailed past.

One of the best parts of the day was the transport, we spent the day driving about in what can only be described as a Barbie car! It was great fun and we literally grinned and giggled our way about!

We had been told that there is a good chance you will see koala in their natural habitat so we picked a walk to do and set off with fingers crossed. Thankfully some kind person who had done the walk earlier that day had left a note on the floor under a koala they had seen and even more thankfully koala don’t move much (they sleep for around 20 hours a day!) so he was still under said sign! It was awesome to see one where they are supposed to be.

It was a lovely day driving about, enjoying a cold drink or two and having a swim in the beautiful warm sea.

Posted by: kellyandandy | January 15, 2011

Cute furry things

Today has been about the cute animals of Australia, the furry ones that aren’t out to kill you, who are generally out to sleep and eat!

We took a trip to Billabong Sanctuary just south of Townsville. They are all about getting up close and personal with the wildlife, within minutes of walking in Kelly had a kangaroo eating out of her hand!

Our main reason for going is Kelly had decided before we came to Australia that if she did nothing else she was going to cuddle a koala and they let you do this at Billabong Sanctuary. Andy decided he didn’t want to be left out so got to hug a wombat!

We also got to hold a carpet python, a shingle backed skink, a croc and a blue tongued skink! When they said get up close and personal they meant it!

Sorry about the dodgy picture, we are having difficulty getting reasonable Internet access on the laptop so are having to improvise with Andy’s phone.

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